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soham isiri Reviews
Rs. 50.31L - 72.02L Onwards - 2 to 3BHK Apartments in Whitefield, Bangalore-east

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soham isiri Location Review

Near By Roads

Old Airport Road ~ 1.7 KM

ITPL Main Road ~ 2.7 KM

OuterRing Road ~ 5.3 KM

Near By Hospitals

Sathya Sai hospital
~ 1km

Columbia Asia
~ 1km

Narayana Multispeciality Hospital
~ 2km

Near By Companies

~ 1km

TCS Vydehi RC Block
~ 1km

Goodrich Airospace Service Limited
~ 1km

Near By Schools

The Bangalore School
~ 1km

Vydehi School of Excellence
~ 1km

VIBGYOR High School
~ 3km

soham isiri Project Analysis Rating for soham isiri - 6.5 / 10

Connectivity Rating

The Project is well connected with access to Hospitals, Bus Stops. But is far from Railway Stations, Metro Stations. It has access to Bus Stops like White Field Bus Stop and Roads like Old Airport Road and Hospitals like Columbia Asia. This project is recommended for people who use car more frequently for commuting


Amenities Rating

The Project has 5 Basic amenities, 1 Leisure amenities, 1 Security amenities, 1 Kids amenities, 1 Health and Sports amenities, 1 Convenience amenities, and 1 Environment-friendly amenities


Neighbourhood Rating

The Project is situated in posh location with access to Malls, Workplaces. etc. It has access to Malls like The Forum Value Mall and Schools like The Bangalore School and Star Hotels like Royal Orchid Suites and Workplaces like Goodrich Airospace Service Limited and Super Markets like Foodworld and Cafes like Coffee Day and Parks like Children's Park

soham isiri Builder Review

Builder Rating

SOHUM GROUP is an GOOD builder. It has 1 on-going projects with total inventory value of Rs.210 Cr

About Builder

Sohum is the sound of pulsating energy that is evident in the very breath of every living form; of inhalation (Sooo) and exhalation (Huum). This Sanskrit word, which means "I am Him", is the affirmation of the supreme energy within us through every breath we take. When chanted, it aligns the mind and soul, providing inner strength. This universal energy is symbolised in the form of a mandala representing both inward and outward energy, much like the inhalation and exhalation of breath that rouses the power of Sohum.
As a group our objective is to improve the quality of life by providing world-class infrastructure and homes that will keep you happy for a lifetime. We intend to provide the power of positive energy for the entire community through our architecture and design.
In short, we would like to introduce ourselves as someone that stands for honesty, integrity and strength, where our prime focus is on delivering finest product to all our customers. This is in tune with our project "Sohum Isiri". Isiri is another name for Aishwarya which in simple terms means prosperity and wealth.
The high standards that we have set for ourselves help us ensure that we give each home that feeling of warmth and prosperity through our design and innovation (which is100% Vastu compliant). So do come and be a part of the "Sohum" and "Isiri" family and experience a treat to a Beautiful, Happy and Prosperous Future!

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