Buying a home is an aspiration for most of the people. Its one of costliest decisions a person makes in his / her lifetime. However it will become a nightmare if you buy in a wrong place, buy from wrong builder. Find below the 10 commandments while buying a home.

 1. Builder Quality:

Ensuring Builder quality / credibility is the first commandment. Buying from unscrupulous builder will ruin your life. Check out for number of projects builder has completed in past, how many projects delivered on time. Apart from going for site visit of the project where you are going to buy, also check visit completed projects of the builder. Interact with the residents in those projects and enquire about the construction quality, customer support, deviation from approvals etc.

2. Legal Approvals:

Before entering in to an agreement with the builder to buy any home, ensure the project has obtained all the necessary approvals. Obtaining loan from public sector bank will give reasonable assurance that legal approvals, title to the land are clear.

3. Location:

Real estate is all about location. Choose a location which is not only has potential for growth but also has the basic social amenities to live. Check accessibility rating for the project. Proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, parks is important for a family having elders, children and working couple. Access to metro stations, rail way station, air port will make life easier to reach your home for you and for others.

Another important point to consider while buying a home is the distance between your workplace and the home. Ideally look at a home which is less than 5 km away from your workplace, since you need to travel on daily basis. However if you can’t buy closer to office since all office spaces are inside the city which is very costly, look at a home which is outside the city but having direct access to your office. This will save cost as well as time for you.

4. Occupation period:

Before selecting a project look out for the possession date. Ready-to-move-in is always preferable as you can save by way of Income Tax, VAT etc.


However ready-to-move-in homes throws two challenges;

  1. Less choice to choose from no of homes: As the construction is over and ready to move ost of the home would be sold out and very less options to choose from.
  2. Less appreciation: Usually rate per sq ft appreciates steeper from launch time till completion of construction. As the project nearing completion price escalation will reduce.

5. Amenities:

It is important to understand the pros and cons of having amenities. More Amenities cost a lot while buying home as well as post purchase by way of maintenance cost. Consider amenities based on location of your home.


when your home is inside the city amenities like open air theatre, Jacuzzi, gym need not require, as you can access and pay when you use. However basic amenities like power back up, RO plant and security systems are critical.

When your home is far outside city, amenities like gym, Jacuzzi, market area, ATM, Hospital is mandatory.]

6. Specifications:

Ensure the amount you are paying are in relation to the specification mentioned by the builder. Also check the track record of the builder whether he is constructing with the same specifications he mentioned.

7. Amount paid for carpet area:

Many of the home buyers think home which is lesser rate per sq ft is a good buy. However there are various nuances in understanding the rate per sq ft and adjusting towards a common rate per sq ft for comparison. Buyers should adjust rate per sq ft for possession date of home, for floor efficiency, Undivided share (UDS) of land, amenities being provided, specifications of the project and location.

[Carpet area: actual usage of flat wherever we can put leg.

Plinth area / built up area: includes wall area of flat. Carpet area+10%

Super built up area: includes carpet area + staircase+common areas (lift, staircase, lounge, head room). Built up area+10%

So from the super built up area (area of the house builder says) around 75% will be usable by you.]


8. High Rise apartment??

Before choosing high rise apartment ensure whether the building will be constructed according to the guidelines of High Rise Buildings. Builder should use fire resistant materials, fire evacuation places, spacious staircase etc. In India there are so many fire accidents occurred in high rise apartments which were constructed without following the standards. So give adequate care before selecting high rise apartment.

9. Air & Lighting

Ventilation will determine your living experience on daily basis. The home you live in should have good enough natural light and cross ventilation for free flow of air.

10. Community & Neighborhood:

Always choose a project which is livable from community. Though multi community will give a broader perspective for children, it will be nice to celebrate your festivals, functions who also celebrates that.

Also choosing a project based on the status of neighbor is not wrong strategy, because you need to be with them for a long period of time.

Keep all the above commandments while searching home. Happy Home hunting!!