Buying a house is one such activity where you would end up having memorable squabbles with your wife. While you would look for value for money, your wife will push you to the ideal home where she can fulfill her dream.

Let us take a close look at 10 things your wife would want in a house before she gives you a go ahead to buy it.

  1. 1.       Spacious Kitchen

In the Indian context, women spends large amount of her time in the kitchen and kitchen is the first thing she looks in any house.  She would want a spacious & ventilated kitchen which has enough space to stack all the kitchen utensils and items.

  1. 2.       Living Room Layout

Your house might be 5 years away  in possession, but your wife’s imaginative mind will start planning and visualizing how she would do the Living Room and how can she impress upon the guests.  If she doesn’t like the Living room layout, you can be sure that the house is a reject.

What she would typically look is the overall size, number of doors/balconies and ventilation. Most importantly, how your existing furniture would fit in beautifully in the Living Room.

  1. 3.       Washing Area

Your wife will certainly be looking at whether the house has a separate washing area, or a bathroom can be used for home laundry.  Be prepared to see here look at bathrooms and visualize how a washing machine will fit in there and how can the bathroom be expanded to have the washing done easily.


  1. 4.       Master Bedroom

Be prepared for a close look at the Master bedroom plan. She would not only look for spacious room, where an extra wardrobe can fit, but will also be visualizing the area she can demarcate for dressing.

She would also look for master bedroom to standout from other rooms in terms of fittings, floorings and lighting.

  1. 5.       Spacious Wardrobes

Your wife would definitely be looking for extra spaces in all rooms to accommodate additional wardrobes as you would need them when you have kids.  Your convincing her on focusing on current requirement might not help, as your wife is looking at the house the abode for next 20 years.

  1. 6.       Pooja Area/Room

If the house does not have a separate Pooja Room, your wife would look at where she can create the space for Pooja Area.  She would either be looking for a place in Guest room or kitchen where the area can be created.

  1. 7.       Plugs / Sockets

You would be surprised that your wife would go to details to check where the sockets would be placed.  She would avoid houses where the sockets are low lying as your child might touch them.

  1. 8.       Water Quality

Quality of water in your house will be an important consideration for your wife.  If it is ready-to-move house, you can watch her check scaling on the bathroom fittings to be doubly sure that the water is not hard & saline.

  1. 9.       Quality of Wood Furnishings

You would be surprised to know, how much your wife knows about the furnishings & interior. She would check the grade of plywood, the brand of channels used and polish finish.


  1. 10.   Your Neighbours

Your wife will also check on who the neighbours are going to be.  She would enquire whether they have kids to give company to your kid, and the region they belong to.




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