Small apartments are the trend these days for nuclear families. Small rooms are often found in small apartments, modest homes.Small apartments seem more personal, more connected to the person that lives there, it`s his own little universe that gravitates around him with a few things that are really relevant and  nothing more. We always encourage you to express yourself in your home, to manifest, to put your blueprint into it.

There are a few things that may help you if you want to make the room seem larger. For example ,you can use huge mirrors in order to duplicate a rooms’ length or even better you can use mirrors on two parallel walls and create the illusion of a never ending room, which can be a little weird. Another very important advice it`s to use light colors. The most common used color is stark white, being more efficient than dark hues in enhancing the feeling of space, letting the room breathe. Also reducing the over-sized bed or integrating it in a small ensemble may work. Also small paintings put together  create the illusion of a larger room, fragmenting the space around , and also giving the room a much more personal apparel, a proof of great taste.

Create your own universe, choose from millions of texture patterns and colors and furniture and make it unique, cozy and functional.