Gone are the days when homes were a palace with open spaces and courtyards. Lifestyle has become compact and nuclear. People with their hectic schedules and with both partners working prefer to have homes which are easy to maintain. Yet the craving for space is always there.

There are a few interior tips or cheats you can say which increases or rather give you an impression of open space.

  1. Lighter shades for the walls – Lighter shades are not only soothing to the eye but give you a feeling of huge available space. With new styles of paints coming which give you an option of designs choose designs with length or depth. For example huge floral designs will again make your room look compressed. Rather go for small flower patterns which go in depth . Stripes  or length wise swishes also look classy and make the room have more depth
  2. Lengthy curtains – Your windows might be end at the waist length but it’s a good idea to use long full length curtains. You can use 2 layers of curtain with contrasting shade. For example an off white thin curtain with a heavy navy blue curtain. With single layer curtain you can go for a contrasting shade compared to the wall. Avoid using heavy patterns.
  3. Furniture with well defined sleek shapes –  For the living room instead of going for leather couches you can go for a cushioned sofa. Dining tables with high rise back rest can be used, beds with drawers and cabinets should be preferred so that you get some extra storage space.  Do away with extra furniture. It just cramps up the space.
  4. Wall cabinets and Photo frames – Instead of keeping the traditional show piece shelf or cabinet you can opt for wall cabinets. These do not take up the floor space and increase the beauty of the walls. Your photographs and memories can go on the wall in the form of a collage or just one large image. In both cases the wall lights up and the various images coming together give a warm and loving feel to the house
  5. Placement of furniture – Avoid placing furniture in the centre. Use the corners and sides for them. Keep the centre free. A beautiful rug can be used to cover the area. In the bedroom the extra seating space can be placed in the corner rather than the centre. In case you have bedroom cum study then use a wall cabinet for your books and your table can be attached to the wall with a high rise chair. Keep them in the corner. In this case your wardrobe should be placed at right angles to your study so that one wall area does not look highly cramped.

The most important tip to increase your space is to do away with unnecessary objects. Unnecessary objects also include items which you think might come handy sometime in future. If you are not using it now or are not sure of when it will come in use you are never going to use it. When the time comes 90% of the time people buy a new one even before they remember that they had kept the item safely for future use. So do away with the stuff.