For the deal hungry guys ( and gals) we present “Genuine Property Deals” !

property dealsWhat is “Genuine Property Deal”?

Given the umpteen choices of new projects you have today, it is difficult for you to identify the project which is value for money and also fits in your budget. “Genuine Property Deals” is helping you identify projects from emerging builders who are creating high quality product at a price much lower than other builders. It also helps you compare varying per square feet rates in a locality by adjusting it for possession date.

“Genuine Deals” feature is different from other property portals which typically show promoted deals, rather than genuine deals which consumers should lap on.

How is it calculated?

The deals shown on realtycompass platform are arrived using an algorithm which performs the regression analysis of all projects in a locality and arrives at projects where the square feet rate is lesser than the similar rated projects. The algorithm normalizes the rates of different projects basis the possession date and carpet area, so that prices can be compared on equal terms.  Further the algorithm also takes into likes and dislikes of people and sorts the deal accordingly.

What can you get out of it?

With the help of the platform you can potentially save money by investing in projects which are available 20-25% lower than the fair value of the project. You can also look at the deal in a locality based on the property type and budget.  You also have an option to like (or unlike) the deal and the most liked deal is shown on preference.

Find your Deal Here:- Realty Compass Property Deals

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