Dear Users,

Home Searching is certainly a very tiresome journey and you might be getting frustrated looking at 100’s of projects and then going for a site visit but realizing that it was a waste!

To help you cut the clutter and see through the maze, has launched a unique feature which gives you recommendations based on your liking and preference.


“My Recommendations”  works by capturing your interest levels across various projects you browse on – All non intrusively.

It takes into account, the projects you have viewed, projects you have short-listed and projects you have enquired.  We give weight-ages to different projects based on what action you perform on the project.  That helps us to draw your user profile and we are able to suggest projects which matches your requirement!

The requirement match is based on a complex algorithm which checks the category of builder you are interested in, type of property ( apartment, villa, plots) you are looking for, your area of interest determined on the basis of geo-fence and your budget range.

To use the feature, you simply need to browse few projects of your choice, shortlist the ones which has exactly matched your preference and then you are ready to click the magic button and see the recommendation which have been on the table for you.

Happy House Hunting!