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We at are proud to announce the launch of a new search tool – E-Home Buy which offers utmost convenience to the consumers scouting for good property options. Taking the search to a next level altogether helps customer to see complete details of the project, walkthrough videos, Home Picker a unique initiative, Payment Schedule and profile of the customers who have bought the property earlier. The platform intends to make the home buying process very transparent, where customer can see the available inventory online and can choose the home and make a payment of 20,000 and book the house.

We are delighted to offer our customers this unique platform and making the entire process of buying a home online absolutely hassle free. The Home Picker one of the interesting tools on this platform helps the buyer get a first-hand experience of viewing the flat basis his preferences and analyzing the price thus crossing the last mile search online.

The platform will be going live on 12th September with two Chennai Projects– Casa Grande Arena and Yashva Classic Crest.   Both the builders are giving limited period offers to customers if they book their flat online.

Two weeks back, we also introduced Home Themes, an exclusive feature which offers detailed information about unique aspects introduced by the builders. These innovative features/ offerings are bucketed under various themes giving buyers amplitude of choices.

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Introducing this interesting add-on to buying homes online, is leaving no stone unturned to feed its users with the information to the ‘T’ to ease their search.