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Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 56.2 Lac To Rs. 58 Lac


Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 87.4 Lac To Rs. 1.4 Cr

Oak Park 

Apartments in Saravanampatti

Rs. 34.1 Lac To Rs. 47 Lac


Apartments in Thadagam

Rs. 61.1 Lac To Rs. 92 Lac


Apartments in Siddhapudur

Rs. 53.3 Lac To Rs. 88 Lac


Apartments in Thadagam

Rs. 14.2 Lac To Rs. 47 Lac


Apartments in Mettupalayam Road

Rs. 87.9 Lac To Rs. 1.1 Cr

Annai Aarifa 

Apartments in Thadagam

Rs. 11.7 Lac To Rs. 31 Lac


Apartments in RS Puram

Rs. 72.5 Lac To Rs. 1.05 Cr


Apartments in Kavundam Palayam

Rs. 64.4 Lac To Rs. 1.25 Cr


Apartments in Trichy Road

Rs. 69.1 Lac To Rs. 83 Lac


Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 29.7 Lac To Rs. 42 Lac


Apartments in Ganapathy

Rs. 51.1 Lac To Rs. 73 Lac

oak terrace 

Apartments in Singanallur

Rs. 58.5 Lac To Rs. 73 Lac


Villas in Thudialur

Rs. 18 Lac To Rs. 32 Lac

Reliance Gardens  

Villas in Trichy Road

Rs. 90.3 Lac To Rs. 1.2 Cr

Mayuri Phase 3  

Villas in NH Road

Rs. 22.7 Lac To Rs. 28 Lac


Apartments in Siddhapudur

Rs. 19.6 Lac To Rs. 45 Lac

sri sasti sairam 

Villas in Kovaipudur

Rs. 75.6 Lac To Rs. 89 Lac


Apartments in Avinashi Road

Rs. 67.8 Lac To Rs. 1.2 Cr


Apartments in Sowri Palayam

Rs. 88.8 Lac To Rs. 2.6 Cr


Apartments in Tirupur

Rs. 53.4 Lac To Rs. 56 Lac

Yogha Sastha 

Villas in Selvapuram

Rs. 1.04Cr To Rs. 1.5 Cr

Akash Malli 

Apartments in Peelamedu

Rs. 84.1 Lac To Rs. 1.15 Cr


Apartments in Velandi Palayam

Rs. 39.5 Lac To Rs. 58 Lac

Raj Vikas  

Apartments in Ganapathy

Rs. 38 Lac To Rs. 51 Lac

SA Avenue 

Apartments in Thudialur

Rs. 29.9 Lac To Rs. 32 Lac


Apartments in Ramanatha Puram

Rs. 46.4 Lac To Rs. 80 Lac

Vikas Flora  

Apartments in Ganapathy

Rs. 37.8 Lac To Rs. 55 Lac


Villas in Thudialur

Rs. 37.2 Lac To Rs. 50 Lac


Apartments in Ganapathy

Rs. 38.5 Lac To Rs. 56 Lac


Apartments in Kuniyamuthur

Rs. 30.4 Lac To Rs. 41 Lac


Villas in Kavundam Palayam

Rs. 59.2 Lac To Rs. 74 Lac


Apartments in Ganapathy

Rs. 38.5 Lac To Rs. 40 Lac


Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 40 Lac To Rs. 60 Lac

Yadavi Enclave 

Apartments in Thudialur

Rs. 20.3 Lac To Rs. 22 Lac

Malli Enclave 

Villas in Thondamuthur

Rs. 45.6 Lac To Rs. 54 Lac


Villas in Vellaore

Rs. 33 Lac To Rs. 48 Lac

The Bliss 

Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 38.8 Lac To Rs. 46 Lac


Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 34.3 Lac To Rs. 38 Lac

Rainbow City  

Villas in Saravanampatti

Rs. 29.9 Lac To Rs. 39 Lac

West Fields  

Villas in Thudialur

Rs. 49.5 Lac To Rs. 55 Lac

Snow Stone  

Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 37 Lac To Rs. 51 Lac

Purva Amaiti 

Apartments in Singanallur

Rs. 72.7 Lac To Rs. 1.1 Cr


Villas in Kalapatti

Rs. 1.99 Cr To Rs. 2.75 Cr

JRD Lush Villas 

Villas in Kovai Pudur

Rs. 36 Lac To Rs. 2.05 Cr

Jain Akshit 

Apartments in Ganapathy

Rs. 28.2 Lac To Rs. 54 Lac

Covai Chinmayam 

Villas in Annur

Rs. 33.2 Lac To Rs. 1.2 Cr

Isha Monarch 

Villas in Sowripalayam

Rs. 1.64 Cr To Rs. 2.2 Cr

JRD Villa Palacio 

Villas in Kovai Pudur

Rs. 52.8 Lac To Rs. 1.45 Cr

Arshi Avenue 

Villas in Chettipalayam

Rs. 3.9 Lac To Rs. 37 Lac

Noble JS Atria 

Apartments in Vadavalli

Rs. 53.7 Lac To Rs. 55 Lac

Anubbav Celosia 

Villas in Tirupur

Rs. 36.5 Lac To Rs. 38 Lac

Casagrand Aqua 

Apartments in Kurichi

Rs. 39.1 Lac To Rs. 97 Lac

Greenfield Maple 

Villas in Kalapatti

Rs. 1.1 Cr To Rs. 1.95 Cr

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