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Comparison of Sankla Satyam Rajyog, Dhanori to nearby projects? Is it rightly priced?

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Comparison of Sankla Satyam Rajyog, Dhanori to nearby projects? Is it rightly priced?
asked May 15, 2016 by Abhishek Gulab Sawan (2 points)

1 Answer

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Hi Abhishek!!!!

The Road which was getting constructed behind park springs/Ashiyana has nothing to do with 509-dhanori DP Road. This Road is parallel to Porwal Road, and apparently, was for D Y Patil Knowledge City. There are no signs of 509-Dhanori Road construction as of now. It all depends on airport extension. IAF won this case in high court and now pending in supreme court. For extending current airport, existing lohegaon road needs to be closed and an alternative road is needed for lohegaon connectivity. The 509- Dhanori was identified as alternative route but it got stuck due to some land acquisition litigation.

So, chk out all those points before investing in this project. Locality is excellent as all the basic amenities are nerby but better to stuck with the project is not a good idea. So visit the project site, check the connectivity, approach road, nearby basic amenities, necessary approval papers and then proceed further. Thanks



answered May 18, 2016 by kalpana87 (30 points)
Current price trend in the locality is Rs.4600/sq-ft.whereas Satyam Rajyog is offering Rs. 4800/sq-ft. But don't go on the price because it depends on the locality and the amenities provided by the builder.
There are some similar projects in the locality such as Bramha Realty Skycity, Prasun Homes Savoy, Nyati Evita and  Mayur Kilbil which are offering Rs.4600-5000/sq-ft., so i would only say that price is very lucrative seeing the other projects in the same locality.
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