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What are Project Ratings ?

Project Rating is the new feature of RealtyCompass.com to enable home buyers to identify right choice. Project Rating comprises of 3 ratings (Builder Rating, Connectivity Rating, and Amenities Rating). By giving weightage of 40% to Builder rating, 40% to Accessibility Score, and 20% to Amenities Rating we arrive at Project Rating.

Amenity's Rating:

Sl.No Factors Impact
1 Power back up, security, RO water, Piped gas Basic Amenities
2 Gym, Swimming pool, Jogging track Health amenities
3 Party hall, club house, Ampi theatre Celebration Amenities
4 ATM, Market, Office space Luxury amenities

An amenity's rating covers basic, health, celebration and luxury amenities and give weight from luxury to basic in incremental manner.
The composite project rating tells the home buyer in terms of quality of builder, quality of living in the locality and extent of amenities in the project.

Builder Rating:

Builder rating has been calculated based on factors as below

Sl.No Factors Impact
1 No of projects delivered by builder in the past Credibility of Builder
2 No of units being developed by builder in the respective city (no of homes from all current projects) Size of the builder in that city which matters to complete project on time.
3 % of inventory being sold in last 6 month Acceptability by home buyers
4 % change in price /sq ft in last 6 months Demand from home buyers
5 Spread of projects (No of current projects) Lesser no of projects at given point of time, higher possibility of delivering on time

Builder rating consists of past performance, size of builder, acceptability and demand from home buyers as well as concentration on projects at hand to deliver. So the rating covers holistic view of builder quality.

Connectivity Rating:

Sl.No Factors Impact
1 Railway station Connectivity to Rail transport
2 Main road Access to daily need shops
3 Airport Access to Airport
4 Metro Station, Bus Stops Access to Public Transport

Connectivity rating is based on score derived from the factors which determines better connectivity to public transport and it easily accessible by road

Neighbourhood Rating:

Sl.No Factors Impact
1 Parks Indication of Greenery, Air pollution
2 Lakes, Beaches, Ponds in vicinty Beautiful setting, better water table
3 5 star hotels, Cafes Lifestyle in the vicinity
4 Malls Accessible for immediate needs

Neighbourhood rating is based on score derived from the above factors which determines better quality of environment, access to malls & other lifestyle facilities.